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Winners of #MaukePeChauka Contest!

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Updated on March 26, 2015

India beat Bangladesh to enter the semi-finals of the World Cup. We congratulate the MobiKwikers who gave a missed call on 1800-200-3515 to register their support for Team India. The 10 randomly-chosen winners are listed below:

1. Pankaj Kumar; Mobile: +91 868XXXXX98

2. Shamin Parari; Mobile: +91 854XXXXX13

3. Syam Prasad; Mobile: +91 750XXXXX09

4. Jay Bhavsar; Mobile: +91 876XXXXX46

5. Anil Bansal; Mobile: +91 987XXXXX14

6. Amritraj Anchalia; Mobile: +91 970XXXXX75

7. Samarjeet Singh; Mobile: +91 882XXXXX65

8. Jaimin Patel; Mobile: +91 760XXXXX40

9. Ravi Tiwari; Mobile: +91 844XXXXX78

10. Shyam Khatri; Mobile: +91 941XXXXX83

Congratulations to all the winners!

Updated on March 19, 2015

The India vs Zimbabwe game saw us emerging victorious. We have now identified the winners of #MaukePeChauka contest for that game. Here are the randomly chosen winners who gave a missed call and registered their support for India:

1. Tirupati Gavandi; Mobile: +91 976XXXXX01
2. Senthil Kumar; Mobile: +91 980XXXXX67
3. Lone Altaf; Mobile: +91 990XXXXX33
4. Rahul Gusain; Mobile: 956XXXXX06
5. Debashis Naskar; Mobile: 896XXXXX08
6. Sarfaraz Habib; Mobile: 980XXXXX08
7. Paresh Gorasiya; Mobile: 973XXXXX36
8. Aravind Kumar; Mobile: 967XXXXX70
9. Subhadip Bhattacharjee; Mobile: 905XXXXX24
10. Ashish Dubey; Mobile: 941XXXXX68

Congratulations to all the winners! 🙂

Updated on March 13, 2015: 

March 10, 2015 was the day when IND beat IRE by 8 wickets. We ran the fourth phase of #MaukePeChauka during the match. Here are the winners who were selected randomly from the users who gave a missed call and supported IND:

  1. Rasik Bhat; Mobile: +91 990XXXXX90
  2. Harif Abdul Vahid; Mobile: +91 949XXXXX80
  3. Sachin Gupta; Mobile: +91 903XXXXX85
  4. Ashutosh Kashyap; Mobile: +91 945XXXXX12
  5. Chethan Shetty; Mobile: +91 974XXXXX32
  6. Saurabh Patel; Mobile: +91 919XXXXX78
  7. Arghya Chakraborty; Mobile: +91 968XXXXX00
  8. Shamin Parari; Mobile: +91 854XXXXX13
  9. Sunil Kumawat; Mobile: +91 950XXXXX00
  10. Debidatta Acharya; Mobile: +91 909XXXXX15

Congratulations to all the winners! 🙂

Updated on March 9, 2015: 

Did you guys watch the IND Vs. WI match that happened on Friday, i.e. March 6, 2015? The third phase of #MaukePeChauka was rolled out during the game. Just like IND, #MaukePeChauka received huge response from our users. Here are the 10 winners who gave us a missed call and won:

  1. Ajaysinh S. Rajput; Mobile: +91 971XXXXX79
  2. Justin Diraviam; Mobile: +91 805XXXXX53
  3. Parth Patel; Mobile: +91 851XXXXX59
  4. Ranish AK; Mobile: +91 984XXXXX81
  5. Salila Ranjan Sahu; Mobile: +91 729XXXXX43
  6. Md Arman; Mobile: +91 842XXXXX20
  7. Som Nath; Mobile: +91 968XXXXX84
  8. Eshaan Chhabra; Mobile: +91 998XXXXX10
  9. Rahul Sharma; Mobile: +91 990XXXXX92
  10. Anchal Jain; Mobile: +91 823XXXXX79

Congratulations! 🙂

Updated on March 5, 2015: 

On the last day of February, the second phase of #MaukePeChauka contest ran when the IND Vs. UAE match was under play. We have selected 10 lucky winners who gave a missed call and supported IND:

  1. Syed Imtiyaz Hussain Abidi; Mobile: +91 959XXXXX09
  2. Amiya Dalui; Mobile: +91 983XXXXX09
  3. Ravi Meena; Mobile: +91 773XXXXX81
  4. P Beneban Sujil; Mobile: +91 988XXXXX00
  5. Raj Sonu; Mobile: +91 867XXXXX83
  6. Abhiram S Kumar; Mobile: +91 9605169126
  7. Gurkirat Singh; Mobile: +91 887XXXXX89
  8. Abhishek Gundecha; Mobile: +91 834XXXXX80
  9. Navneet Raj; Mobile: +91 974XXXXX48
  10. Mrigank Kumar; Mobile: +91 8596060310

Congratulations to all the winners!

Updated on February 23, 2015:

When the IND Vs. SA match was happening on Sunday, 22 February 2015, MobiKwik ran a contest on Social Media asking users to give a missed call if they were sure that IND was going to win the match. We received an amazing response from our users during the match. Out of all those who called, we have selected 10 lucky winners.

Here is the list of winners, selected on a random basis:

  1. Palash Hazarika, Mobile: +91 739XXXXX38
  2. Bhargav Lalisetty, Mobile: +91 994XXXXX36
  3. Raj Jaiswal, Mobile: +91 954XXXXX81
  4. Akshay Gurnani, Mobile: +91 958XXXXX50
  5. Jijesh Nallakkandy, Mobile: +91 952XXXXX90
  6. Alok Padhan, Mobile: +91 977XXXXX27
  7. Jyoti Sarkar, Mobile: +91 898XXXXX99
  8. K.N. Patel, Mobile: +91 845XXXXX92
  9. Kamal Jain, Mobile: +91 916XXXXX92
  10. Jeeva Narayan, Mobile: +91 957XXXXX23

Congratulations to all the winners!

P.S. The number are being masked to ensure privacy of our users. 

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