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Tata Docomo Independence Day Celebration Offer

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With technology changing at the speed of light everything around us are changing very fast; something that as craze a few months back is somewhat obsolete now. So is happening with mobiles, they now have camera, can access internet and even can send pictures taken through the mobile via mail or any other operation and so mobile companies are giving special offers for internet surfing and where there are more tech savvy people the companies are targeting such markets specifically for these schemes.

The schemes designed are depending on the usage and quantity downloaded, as everyone will want a scheme designed specifically to their requirements. It is not possible for a mobile company to make schemes to the requirements of hundreds of customers so all that they do is make some slabs of requirements to fit in maximum number of customers. TATA docomo Rs.48 GPRS Pack for Andhra Pradesh is for Andhra circle pack for net connectivity. This does not give any talktime or SMS benefit or amount and allows the customer to only 1GB net data usage. TATA docomo Rs.95 GPRS pack for Andhra Pradesh is another net usage pack which allows for usage of 4GB data.

The deals are better in the sense that some people use a mobile for net connectivity as the net deals of the service provider are quite cheap but the mobile connection does not have requisite network to support free communication at any place. TATA docomo Rs.149 GPRS Pack for Andhra Pradesh is another pack which enables the user net connectivity and data usage of 8GB but no other mobile facilities with this recharge. So this has made work much simpler for many people for whom net connectivity is sacrosanct.

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