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#SelfieWithCoffee Winners

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During the Weekend of 22-24th May 2015, we ran the #SelfieWithCoffee Week to celebrate your love for Coffees and Selfies, where we offered Rs. 500 of Wallet Recharge, over and above a 15% Cashback!

The following winners are raking in the moolah, for sending us their selfies from CCD while enjoying their coffees with MobiKwik Wallet:

1. priXXXXXXXXXera@gmail.com
2. pawXXXXXXXXwal@gmail.com
3. kaXXXXXXXXav@gmail.com
4. aksXXXXXXXXXa579@gmail.com
5. maXXXXXXv@yahoo.com
6. priyXXXXXXXXX21@yahoo.com
7. coXXXXX07@gmail.com
8. dhaXXXXXXXXX505@gmail.com
9. abhXXXXXXXX923@gmail.com
10. noXXXXXX901@gmail.com

Congratulations to all the winners!

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