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  1. Rajeev Gambhir

    The blog sounds as if it is imperative to choose between low price and good customer service. Is it true that they cannot sleep on the same bed? To bring a context to my comment, let me state that I hate going to Big Bazaar because of the crowds, and the long checkout que, however my wife likes the atmosphere. I suppose the crowded atmosphere and the wait at the checkout counters emphasises the “Sabse Sasta” philosophy, and for all we know, may have been designed so. If the place has very few visitors it may not give a sense of a place which has low prices.

    Now does that mean that I should expect a poor customer service? That is where the No comes into picture. Big Bazaar for Retail, or the telco for that matter determine their pricing with a definite overall revenue in mind. The costs of doing business and that includes the cost of providing customer service is already factored into the pricing equation.

  2. bipin

    Hi Rajeev, you are right its not imperative to choose between quality customer service and low price. However, the point I am making is customer service is not free and there is a strong correlation between superior customer service and higher cost.

  3. bipin

    The topic also covered by a friend’s startup in their blog at

    especially liked the quote
    “You are only helping us run a healthy business by paying!”

  4. Nithya

    Hi Bipin,

    Most customers want good customer service, but, as you have mentioned, not learnt to associate a cost to it.
    As a service provider, it is our responsibility to make them understand this.

  5. Asif

    Cost of Customer Service toh theek hai bhai, but paypal ka option kab live hoga?
    I bet, I’ll be the premium user of ur services.
    and best of luck Bipin Bhai read your Interview on TelecomTalk.
    Kabhi hamari site ki taraf bhi dekho leeejiye aur ho sake toh interview bhi de deejiyega.

  6. black hattitude


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    black hattitude.

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