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  1. suhaila rahiman

    ***Hi there, I already sent support ticket and emailed your support team. but i am yet to receive a response. so i am trying it here as it looks like there are human beings manning this blog. So here goes (i am copy-pasting the email to your support team)***

    Hello Sir,
    (Please note that I have also sent a support ticket via your website #15170)
    On June 6th, I made 2 payments to my mobikwik account as follows:
    Transac. ID ————–Amount (INR)
    13073671995780——- 1,000.00

    13073684596073 —— 1,000.00

    Today when I check my account, only Rs1,000 is being credited. Please check the transactions and update my account accordingly.

    You also asked for my personal ID proof, so i attach here my national identity card (NIRC). I am a malaysian by the way.

    I also want to know if all my credit card transaction will have to
    undergo manual verification in the future? That day, I tried using
    paypal, but is not available.

    Thank You

    ***Ok that's it. The proof of ID is of course attached in the email.
    Please respond.
    Sorry for out of topic reply. I can think of no other way to contact you guys*****

  2. Darshanh Bopardikar

    what d hell is dis, someone wnts to recharge his cell immediately due to some reason n u guys r playing wid his emotions by registering  here n der n after all dese things he gets nthing……….so disgusting n shameful to u alll

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