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  1. Bipin Preet Singh

    There was some confusion that DoT had banned S-Tel over some security concerns. While the banning was true, the centre had lifted this ban around mid-April. Full story in

  2. vachan

    what abt???

    Himachal Pradesh
    78070 – 78079

    78080 – 78089

    78090 – 78099

    91300 – 91309

    North East
    91310 – 91319

    1. Vachan Kudmule

      Sorry my BAD!
      Service not yet commenced in/for those circles/number!

    1. Vachan Kudmule

      didn't quite follow?? Ear???

  3. Bipin Preet Singh

    Earlier, there was a problem when DoT had banned S-Tel. Now, the ban has been lifted although services of S-Tel had never been stopped.

    Full story here.

    1. Vachan Kudmule

      What abt the hold on Airtel on the website, most ppl ask for Airtel! they have a strong PERPAID customer base it seems!

      1. Bipin Preet Singh

        We are trying our best to get Airtel up and running. We are talking at the senior most level . Airtel wants us to do something of “value” before we can sell their recharge. This is when there are shady 3rd party websites selling their stuff and maligning their brand. Maybe mobikwik customers need to petition Airtel. 😀

        1. Vachan Kudmule

          Airtel is kinda AIRy, they luv to through around attitude!

          Don't intended to point fingers! Just a comment of individual option with the right for freedom to express!

  4. Michael Lantz

    I will have to check it out.Thanks.

  5. Michael Lantz

    I will have to check it out.Thanks.

  6. Posturmsgs

    When the Airtel recharge will be started ? other websites like rechargeitnow, fastrecharge, itzcash are able to do & Mobikwik??????????

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