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  1. ramlal

    Dear Mobikwik,
    The only thing I feel is most depressing about your communication is that you tend to fake a lot. All your offers have * which are terms and conditions, but never stated anywhere. I did 6 transactions on Ebay and got no cashback, only to discover that there was some stupid promocode I had to use, which was never mentioned in your T&C.

    If you wish to give away freebies, do so with a little heart


    Dear Users
    These mobikwik & ebay are frauds as I experienced a couple of days back.

    I updated my wallet and tried to purchase an item from FRAUD ebay as this FRAUD mobikwik had send me a coupon code.

    As i was completeing the order i got a confirmation of payment with a reference number. And I did not get any confirmation from their FRAUD partner EBAY.
    The amount had been deducted from my account.

    When I approached FRAUD ebay, the stupid CC said it happen some times and the money will be refunded to my account with in 72 hours. After 72 hours again I approached ebay, they said to wait for another 24 hours. then after this waiting when I approached them, they said they had not received the payment. Ask that FRAUD mobikwik.
    When I approached FRAUD mobikwik, the stupid happines manager saying that its already paid to FRAUD EBAY. its a matter of Rs.309.6..

    So dear my friends, please keep away from this FRAUDS MOBIKWIK & THEIR PARTNER EBAY, and be safe.

    Note: If any one needs proof of this blog, please write to me. I shall send you.

    1. JAS

      I DONT know how that happened to you. cos i have been using this app since past one year. and i have never ever faced a single problem. my experience with MOBIKWIK has always been great i must say, once or twice i got recagre failure, but the guys are descent enough as everytime my money was sent back in my wallet.

      and there is not a single website on web that has given 100% satisfaction just google and get me a single name iof possible.

      i undrestand shit happens. but you better email them all the details, am sure you will it sorted out soon.

      have patience frnd.

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