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  1. AmeerMalik

    all other networks offering at 2gb for around 95/98, but RELIANCE came up with 20GB at 178, its great recharge

  2. dee

    from amravati (maharashtra)
    i recently recharge 248 gprs plan , but i unable to use it , i am getting 1 to 2 kb/s speed, still if tried after 10 mb usage internet speed goes to 00 kb/s speed,  reliance is now totally fraud , it is looting money from customers,  i was never about to recharge that plan, but what happend is that i bought new sim , i was getting 500mb gprs with it monthly for 3months, and speed was about 20 kb/s , but as soon i recharge with 248 gprs plan , speed getting below 2kb/s ,most time it is impossible to connect,, customer service says , sorry for trouble , we trying to improve our service, l i think TRIA should cancel service of such mobile oprators and should charge heavy fine , this complete wastage of money, they are real thieves  of country ,  and if even if you get speed good for some time , there is no garantee that they will serve the service honestly in future , i say boycott these companies ,

  3. Jeeva Nasa01

    It's true guys.Dont ever trust reliance.I was enjoying 30kb/s before i recharged the so called unlimited plan Rs 178.But once i've recharged it my speed went down till 0.3 kb/s and also the connection is being lost frequently.In my opinion use Rs 14 pack which will give u around 500 mb and its worth.

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