to offer personalized massage services through your mobile!

Given the pressures of modern professional life, most working people do not get enough of an opportunity to unwind. Alcohol and Sex are no longer the preferred avenues to let one's "hair" down, given the increasing number of dry days in India and the inability to "tighten up" by majority of Indian men.

All good ideas begin with founder's own unmet needs. This new service is no different. Spotting an opportunity in the leisure space, CEO Bipin Preet Singh , personally managed the development of an "end-to-end" solution which would help customers relax. What helped is the fact that most mobikwik customers have a vibrate mode on their cellphones.

So, this is how it works :

1) Type VIB-RATE<space>ME<space> AAH! on your cellphone's SMS screen.

2) Send this SMS to  9696969696 .

3) If you are 18+ years of age, within 30 seconds, your phone will start vibrating the way you always wanted it to. If you are less than 18, a message will be sent to each of your parents or local guardians.

4) We will NOT go into the details of what you can do with a vibrating cellphone. However, the CEO will be happy to advise you personally on a 1-to-1 basis.

5) Please note that this service is absolutely gender-neutral. It is targeted at both adult men and women. Also, does not take any responsibility for any damage, physical or mental, caused to you or your pets, due to use of this service.

6) The charges will Rs 10/min for the time your cellphone is vibrating. Please do not ask for discounts because its heavily pre-booked.

Happy Massaging!



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