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  1. guest

    No cash back offer for existing customer for more than a month

  2. Anupamkundu

    My Dear sir Please give 10 % cash back offer to all old members like new

  3. Amit_disqus

    hello my transaction id is 13453718236389  but my account is not credited with the amount. please do the needful.

  4. Nipurn Gupta

    No Offers for Existing Customers???

  5. Siva

    Ticket 67368 is not resolved for more that 24 hrs????Y???

  6. Rakesh

    Dear Sir, i am a new user. i did my sun DTH recharge of RS. 1500. then i went to MY ACCOUNT and entered coupon code 
    INDEPENDENCE, But the web page says it is expired!! 

    but yous note3 says “Offer is valid until announced otherwise” 

    why so??


    1. Sureshkumar2807

      mere sath bhi aisa hi hua hai sir ji

  7. Rakesh

    Sorry, it was my mistake, actually the amount was credited to my wallet, i dont know why so. But later i tried to do the recharge, but it is failing. now my DTH connection has expired, i registered a ticket, PLS HELP 

  8. Siva

    Dont recharge DTH in mobikwik, for Mobile its good 🙂

    1. Anupamkundu

       why you say don't recharge dth in mobikwik,what's the problem dude

  9. chris

    There are people and companies who can produce the things that you need. They would manufacture your products just the way you like it.

  10. Hitesh Dobariya

    Never do recharge from mobikwick, if you want to lose your money then you can recharge from it.

     I am saying that when i tried to recharge with amount 100, 50 anything tried to pay it always failed.  very fraud website. many times i put ticket in support but they never resolve  problem.

  11. Hitesh Dobariya


       They are not resolving problems.

    To all,

    Please do recharge from your online banking account or another way. here is some conditions to recharge your prepaid card. everytime it will failed, and gives error that please select values from predefined recharge. and i saw that there all special recharge amount. 

    TataDocomo : i have scheme 100/100, but it's failed at mobikwik
    Uninor : Offer is get Rs.90 talktime on recharge Rs. 80 : but it failed.
    Vodafone : My card have full TT scheme 103/103, i tried with it it failed.

    So, what recharges i can do with you website. fuck off your services. i lost total : 33 RS from mobikwick.

    SUGGESTION : Never try to recharge with mobikwick.

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