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  1. electrosam

    Can't wait to see this unique idea sirjee 🙂

  2. varma

    Just waiting for that great idea..
    Always thought of it .. to make recharge simple for my Dad.. 😉

    Hope this will help..
    Best of Luck

    1. Upasana Taku

      Dial-a-Recharge is now live. Have you read about it on our blog? Ask your Dad to try it and give us feedback.

      1. varma

        You made it so simple..
        Let me try for it..
        Also if it was a tollfree Number or Local number it would be Great ( just saying 🙂 )

  3. Adarsh

    I am sure its something related to IVR, u call a number press 1 to recharge 50, 2 to recharge 100 and so on 🙂


    1. Upasana Taku


      Its better than press 1, press 2 🙂

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