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  1. binodc ✔

    Last time (month back) I recharged with 444 it gave only 30 days of validity !!!! despite of advertising of unlimited validity!!

    1. Impotent_man

      hahahhaa, and where do u see it says “unlimited validity”?  nowhere!

      u believe this blog? or shud u go and check airtel site?

      chud gayi teri, as simple as that, haha.

    2. Impotent_man

      abay ehmak, at least write  the basics of what happened and where.

      U seem so lazy and an idiot that u did not even write what telecom circle is your number based at.

      Rs. 444 recharge can mean 10 difft things for 10 difft cases.

      give me complete details of your cell:

      1). telecom circle.
      2).where did u get ur cell recharged.
      3).Confirmation of the recharge if you have 1.

      how can i know the above if u won't bother 2 write where ur cell phone circle is. Is it Tamil Nadu, UP(West), Assam, Punjab…. etc..?

      likh yahan sab jo maine pucha hai, nahi likh sakta to ro mat. filhaal teri WAAAT lag gayi ha.

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