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  1. jvatnani

    Great things to do with wallet…but I can’t…why??
    Bcoz my wallet is locked for past 2 days and reason gvn is suspicious transaction but I had just added 150 from my card and trf some 126 from my families Wallet, does these transactions act as suspicious.
    On top of it when I raised a support ticket I was said that we will get back to you by 18/10/2014..6pm. On which no one came back.This is utter harassment.

    Dear User, MobiKwik Support Alert Type:Ticket Status: Open Ticket No: 1396673 Created On: 17-10-2014 18:11:49 Category: Account

    What’s going on??

    1. MobiKwik

      Hi. Thanks for your query. From our understanding, your ticket has been resolved and your account is back to active for usage. Also, one of our customer care executive is going to give you a call regarding the same.

  2. Rohit Shrivastava

    All things are in one place thats nice

  3. Karan

    When shall i can expect 30% cashback on below order Date DescriptionCredit/Debit Amount 26/10/2014 12:28:38 hours Wallet Debit to tastykhana Transaction Id NE1HXMHA01 debit 216.

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