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#FreeCoffeeWeek Winners!

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Starting from March 16, we ran the #FreeCoffeeWeek where we offered free coffee at Cafe Coffee Day for the whole week. We have selected the following winners from used who tweeted us their selfies from CCD while enjoying their coffees with MobiKwik Wallet:

1) Akshay Sharma: akshaysXXXXXXXX@gmail.com
2) Bhavuk: bhavXXXXX@yahoo.co.in
3) Chaitanya: chaitaXXXXXX@yahoo.com
4) Dhiraj Dhariwal: dhirajXXXXXXXXXXX@gmail.com
5) Dilip: dillipXXXXXX@gmail.com
6) Hari Ram: hariXXXXXXXX@gmail.com
7) Jay: hayatXXX@gmail.com
8) Raghav: kanoi.XXXXXX@gmail.com
9) Namish Singh: namishXXXXXX@gmail.com
10) Nikhil Porwal: nikhil_XXXXXX@live.com
11) Nitish: nitishXXXXXXX@gmail.com
12) Pardhasaradhi Vysya: pardhasaradhiXXXXX@gmail.com
13) Prathik Dhariwal: prathikXXXXXXXX@gmail.com
14) Rahul: rahulXXXXX@gmx.com
15) Sandeep: sandeepXXXXX@gmail.com
16) Priyansh: setiaXXXXXXXXX@gmail.com
17) Shantanu Kandpal: shantanuXXXXXXXXX@gmail.com
18) SK Yadav: skyadavXXXX@gmail.com
19) Rahul Thakur: thakurXXXXXXX@gmail.com
20) Vipul Chandak: vipulchanXXXXX@gmail.com
Users still can enjoy 15% Cashback at CCD when they prefer paying with their MobiKwik Wallet.


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