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Have You Checked In Yet ?

Checked in ? Where ? Hotel ? Any place ? Nope, it’s about checking in on your phone. Sounds crazy, right ? But it makes sense when you check in

Introducing Balance Check on SMS

We have implemented a new feature which allows mobikwik users to check their mobikwik balance on SMS. This feature has been in demand for quite some time now and we

SMS Recharge : 15k done and counting!

SMS Recharge is one of the biggest hits at mobikwik.com. Today, 30th August, around 1 am IST in the morning, the 15000th recharge was done using SMS. Yes, at 1

World’s Best Cloud Based Music Services

Perhaps you have a fantastic music phone, with 4GB or so memory. How many songs it could hold ? May be 1000 ? You listen to songs 24×7, and get

Push Email : Mailbox Anywhere

The world today runs on Internet. Would you like to send a letter to your colleague, quoting something urgent ? Would you like to send a snail mail for a

Mobile Jukebox : Music Everywhere

How do you listen to music ? Use Jumbo Vacuum Tube Radio at home ? Use phonogram ? Use Cassette player ? Call your private music band ? Sing yourself,

How to enable data access on your Indian mobile?

Data plans are fantastic ways to stay connected to internet while on move. You could infact save money with a data plan. But before you use it, you need to

Google Maps for Mobile : Never ever get lost again !

This is the story of one of the most-loved products from the Google stable. Google Maps is an application for mobile to make mobile navigation easy. So how does Google

24×7 Changing Discount Plan by Uninor

Indian telecom market is complex. Lots of users expect quality service with least possible rates. Battles continue among operators to get customer base, spectrum for 3G, launch innovative services and

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