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5000 Promo Balance Up For Grabs! Paise Nahi Pyaar Baato

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We are giving away 5000 Promo Balance to all new users who sign up on MobiKwik Android App now! Existing users can also enjoy this offer by giving a missed call on 1800-200-3515. Promo Balance for existing users will be given on Friday.

Keep these Terms & Conditions in mind when you avail this offer:

– Valid for New Users on Sign Up on MobiKwik Android App.
– Existing MobiKwik Android App users can register for this offer by giving a missed call on 1800 200 3515
– Promo Balance will be directly credited to your Wallet.
– Any fraud detection will lead to termination of MobiKwik Wallet of that user.
– Limited Time Offer.
– Missed Call lines open till 12 PM on May 08, 2015.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                How to use Promo Balance: 

– Download MobiKwik App, Go to My Account -> Transfer Money -> Click on ‘Share Promo Money & Earn’

Share  promo balance with your friends or family who are not registered on MobiKwik. Choose them from your contact list.
– On successful transfer, you and your friend both will earn Rs 10 Wallet Balance.
- A User can accept promo balance only once.
- A User can send promo balance to a specific user only once.

 Download MobiKwik App Now!  #PaiseNahiPyaarBaato 🙂



-> What is promo balance?
Promo balance is different from your main wallet balance but is a way to earn extra wallet balance by simply referring it to your friends and family. You and your friends, both get wallet balance on successful transfer of Promo Balance. You can only transfer Promo Balance from your Android or Windows phone.

-> Why I am not eligible for Promo balance?
Thanks for showing interest in promo balance. As of now, only new users who sign up on Android App are eligible for Promo balance. If you are an existing user, stay tuned and you may be the lucky one to earn promo balance.

-> Why I have not received promo balance after giving missed call ?
 We have ensured that everyone who gave a missed call from 7 PM on May 7 to 12 PM on May 8, has received the promo balance. However, if you think that we missed your number, please file a ticket at mobikwik.com/help along with a screenshot of the message that you would have received upon giving the missed call.
-> How can I get more promo balance?
You can get more promo balance just by staying tuned to your MobiKwik App.


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