Vodafone Special SMS Packs for Andhra Pradesh Users

Adding to the treasure of Vodafone online recharge offers, the new Vodafone SMS packs for its Andhra Pradesh users are now available for online Vodafone recharge.

Vodafone has come up with three new attractive SMS packs for all the Vodafone users in Andhra Pradesh. The first Vodafone recharge pack is the new Vodafone Rs. 17 Special Recharge pack. This new SMS pack offers 100 free local SMS. This pack is valid for 15 days. People who love to text, this pack will definitely be the first choice for them.

The second new Vodafone Recharge is the Vodafone Rs.21 Special Recharge SMS pack which offers both local and national on-net SMS at 1 paisa per SMS and local and national off-net SMS at 9 paisa per SMS. This recharge pack from will be valid for 30 days. If you are weak at your verbal abilities to express your love which crosses boundaries, Vodafone can help you express your emotions!

The next Vodafone recharge pack is the Vodafone Rs.28 Special Recharge pack which offers 1500 free SMS for both local and national on-net texting and also local and national off-net at 9 paisa per SMS. This SMS pack will be valid for 15 days. All the above recharge packs are available as online Vodafone recharge also. All the three Vodafone Recharge offers are specially designed for Vodafone users in Andhra Pradesh. It’s not always about a call that you should focus upon in order to show your guts. Sometimes, silence speaks more and words can create their own magic!

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      U R SMS Recharge Not Working Plz Chack.

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  • Ynr Ramesh

    Dear sir

    what is the difference between on-net and off net sms..? please send me reply

    • Seenu

      Hi Ramesh,
       On Net is nothing but with in the network(vodafone) off net in the sense even to other networks

      • chaitanya

        na madda lo offer

  • Muralaraja

    very waste offers
    worst vodafone

  • nandhu jayan

    sir can you tell a service provider which gives good sms offers and full network throughout andhra pradesh

  • Rakeshchowdary303

    picha pooku offers from lavodafone

  • Vicky23

    poda naya maka company vodafone so dont use if u r people

  • Anji

    puku munda em offrs ra eviiii

  • Motamarrisireesha

    very worst offers

  • Madhu

    very bad offers

  • Raghuullikanti

    hav jst migrated to vodafone. dey dont have any offers.

  • Reawwer

    thu mee baathukula modda, denguthunnar kada ra voda lanjakodkkulu