Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Coming Soon- Change your Network for Rs.19

Monopoly of Networks is about to over. When you get freedom to change your network, just for Rs.19 while retaining your Number; operators will really have tough competition.

What’s that exactly ?

The service is known as Mobile Number Portability (MNP).
As of now, numbers are property of respective service provider. So if you have a SIM of Vodafone, that number belongs to Vodafone. MNP transfers this right to a sole Number owner company which looks after network changes.  Once MNP will be launched, numbers will be owned by Syniverese and Telecordia; two MNP service  providers for India.

How does it work ?

Technically, Operators have no right on a number. They just need to provide service to specified number. To make it simple, lets take an example. A subscriber currently has Airtel Prepaid and he wishes to switch to Vodafone. All he need to do is contact Vodafone, fill in MNP Form and Get SIM from Vodafone. Nothing else ! Within short time, he will get service from Vodafone, without change of number.

Technically, MNP service provider updates Number database, asks Airtel to stop service for that number and Vodafone to start service for it. Time required to transfer or port number is no more than 3 days. 19Rs. is worth amount for this process.

Is that really needed ?

Due to heavy competition among operators, they intend to gain more user base. This leads to lack of quality and support to customers. Many of the users face network issues, billing issues and other things. Some may want to switch network to get benefit of certain service on it. And the most important, MNP will no more allow monopoly of providers on users.

So what are we waiting for ?

Well, we are waiting for its launch ! This service is already in action across various countries. Due to technical and legal issues, it has been postponed for 5-6 times or so here. Now everything is set ! All operators have run test for it. As stated earlier, Syniverese and Telecordia are MNP Service providers for India. They have setup up Number database and ready to come in action. Final launch is expected on October 31st, 2010 sometime in December 2010, after a long awaited period.

What about Terms ?

To avoid misuse and threats, some terms are specified to use MNP. Current terms say that, User must be using current network for 6 months or more. After switching network, he needs to use it for at least 6 months. All verification documents will be demanded by new network.

Is it beneficial ?

Well Yes ! It will make operators to really care about customers. Customers will have freedom to switch networks. No need of change in mobile number reduces inconvenience. Cost of MNP is kept fairly low, so anyone could afford it.

Obviously, operators may try new tricks to get more users. They may launch bumper offers and schemes to make users switch to them. And as per terms, user needs to use network for at least 6 months. Nobody can really assure if new operator will fulfill one’s requirement.

Indian Mobile users will have true freedom with launch of MNP. And hopefully it will push the telecom industry to become better.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Free Recharge : Myth or Reality?

Of late, a lot of players in the market claim to give you, the user, free mobile recharge. In fact, some of them even claim that soon everything will be free!

So, let us see what are the different ways in which FREE  mobile recharge is available.

1) Recharge your mobile online and get free coupon for some outlet like McDonalds, Barista etc.

2) Buy a railway ticket or air ticket from a specific site and get Rs 50 mobile recharge free.

3) Copy facebook status of a site and paste it all over the walls of your friends. And then you will get Rs XX mobile recharge free. Similar technique for orkut.

4) Do some more random promotion of a brand or a website online and get mobile recharge free.

5) Fill up a form and get mobile recharge free.

Some of these above listed techniques might actually work , if you try hard enough. If you stay up all night googling all results of “free mobile recharge” and trying all of them. If you are a coupon maniac who collects food and beverage coupons like some people collect stamps or Coins ( without there ever being hope of redeeming 1% of them). If you are willing to deface your friend’s facebook profiles just for a Rs 50 recharge. If you are one of those freeloaders in college groups who is always short of money when its his/her turn to pay.  If you actually believe that recharging your mobile for free implies true FREEDOM.

If you are none of the above, you can simply head over to www.mobikwik.com. Because quality service and quality product do not come for free.

August 2010

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Vodafone’s Rs 4 Daily Bonus Packs

Vodafone is well known for providing quality service with mind blowing offers. Because we care for cost of our phone bills, don’t we ? We like to talk for hours, send lots of SMS, browse internet on the move but with least possible cost.

Bonus packs aren’t a new thing. All of the operators have such offers. But those are either recurring or to be paid monthly. What if you want specific feature for a day or two ? Daily bonus card is the answer !

Vodafone’s all daily bonus packs costs just 4 Rs. And you don’t need to recharge for it, the amount is deducted from main prepaid account, isn’t that great ?

Can’t wait to get more info ? Here are those packs-

1. 10 Local & STD Minutes !

2. Vodafone to Vodafone 30p/min !

3. 100 Local/National SMS Free !

4. 40 Vodafone to Vodafone night minutes Free !

5. 30MB Free GPRS !

Anything from above list, just for 4Rs. per day !

These packs are certainly a great opportunity to avail certain service for short duration. Moving out of town for a day or two ? You can get 30 MB GPRS Pack !

Need to invite friends and family for party tonight ? Just get SMS Pack !

Planning to chat with someone special tonight ? Night minutes are for you !

So go ahead and get benefit of these packs.

Mobikwik is there for you 24×7 to put balance in your prepaid account !

Remember, to avail any of these packs, you don’t need to recharge with Rs.4, just call 121.

The cost will be debited form your prepaid account.

July 2010

Monday, 19 July 2010

Value Added Services: the world in your hands

A mobile phone has became an essential personal device for every Indian. One can see a mobile phone in the hands of a vegetable vendor, a businessman, a grandma and a school going kid. Today, more than 15 mobile networks connect people throughout India. Voice and text are two important services provided to mobile users. But is that all a device in your hands can provide? Absolutely not, Yeh Dil Mange More! What’s more? Value Added Services.

So what is a Value Added Service, abbreviated as VAS ? You may feel that you are well connected to the World with voice and text. Perhaps you are wrong. Value Added Services (VAS) provide you possibilities to get connected in a more interactive and rich manner. Simplest example of VAS is the Caller Tune. You have a feature to let your callers listen to a nice song when they call you – days of boring tring tring are over!

Voice Mail is another powerful VAS. Unfortunately, very few people use it. Perhaps most Indians are free to take calls all the time! If you are a pretty busy person, and you dont want people to have to call your number 5 times to reach you, you could divert calls to your voice mail box. It will record messages from your callers for you, which you can listen later when you are free.

Missed Call Alerts (MCA) has became  popular. If you get out of coverage or switch off the phone, you don’t get any idea about callers. With MCA, you get SMS from caller’s number during that times. If you don’t want to miss any call, MCA is the must have VAS for you.

Carriers like Vodafone offer some unique features like Call Filter. You can block specific number from calling you. Personalized Messages is another good feature where, you can set a message defining your current status, that a caller will listen to when he or she calls you.

GPRS enabled internet on the move. EDGE, the next version of GPRS improves mobile internet speeds.  All mobile enthusiasts are now waiting for 3G, indicating 3rd Generation. 3G is the fine combination of GSM and CDMA allowing voice/text with high speed internet. Rated speed for today’s 3G is 3.1MBPS ! You could check emails, browse thousands of sites, watch videos on the move.

That’s not all, the need for speed continues to exist. Next high speed version, 4G is already being tested. Technology is one step ahead of our demands from our mobile, so there is no need to worry!