Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The new

MobiKwik celebrates 1st birthday with a new 2010 look

Hello friends, users & critics of

You may have noticed something is different on our website If you haven’t already, go check out the site. MobiKwik now sports an all new good looking (thats what we think) website. The new site is fresh, its clean and yeah its light!

A few weeks back we started thinking about redesigning our site with a few goals in mind:

1. The site should make life easy for our new and existing users. Yes we at MobiKwik are focused big time on customer experience, which of course includes user experience and usability. We wanted to ensure that our users had a happy experience while using our website.  This meant cleaning up things, simplifying flows and clearer messaging.

2. The site should be faster to load and use; very critical keeping in mind the user base on non-broadband connections. The number of people on dialup slow-bandwidth connections is of course very high in India and we needed to ensure we made MobiKwik work for them.

3. The site should look cool, contemporary and in keeping with the quality aspirations of MobiKwik and its users. In a pure design sense, we wanted to have aesthetics that were pleasing yet did not sacrifice user experience for the sake of pleasing design.

4. The site should be complaint with W3C web specifications so that its accessible to web users worldwide.

5. The site should be optimized for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 since 90% of our users have a resolution greater than or equal to 1024 x 768. Our old site design was optimized for 800 x 600.

All of this was of course not very easy, we churned through as many site designs as UI designers. Ultimately, we decided we knew what we wanted best and evolved the design to its current stage. We did a design trial run by making it live on our blog awhile ago, which of course was much easier than restyling each page, frame and pixel of our site. celebrated its 1st birthday on August 14th and to celebrate it we decided to gift all our users with a newly styled look! Thanks to all our users for standing by us as MobiKwik grew from an infant startup in to a young company.

Keep using Mobikwik, and do leave us comments. Tell us what you like and what you don’t like about our new design.

January 2010

Friday, 15 January 2010

Mobikwik Recharge API – Mobile Recharge made dead simple!

As a follow up to my post earlier on mobikwik’s open recharge API, let me clarify why Mobikwik offers the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to mobile recharge

1) We do *not* charge any integration fees unlike other providers.

2) Our API is ultra simple compared to API of other providers.

3) We also support recharge through SMS. This means your retailer can recharge using a local SMS , no internet required.

4) As a channel seller, it gives you an option of getting local advertisers on board to get extra revenue. In other words, mobikwik can send SMS advertisements on your behalf whenever any customer uses your recharge service.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Google needs help!

Google Adwords urgently needs a better payment gateway in India. They are using Times Direcpay which has taken Adwords payments from my bank account and others and not yet credited it to Adwords. I made another payment and even that is not credited. More users are reporting the same issue.

Many online merchants like mobikwik rely on google adwords to get new users everyday. But issues like above make me wish there was a reasonable alternative. ( No, Bing and Yahoo paid search are both a joke. On Yahoo, I have to dial a number to get in touch with a sale rep just to get started. Did anyone tell them its 21st century, 2nd decade? Bing is better but their ad format is funny. )

Why don’t we all send a “Get Well Soon” e-card to Google Adwords India? But wait, there is no contact ( email/phone/anything) info to get in touch with a Google support rep for anything.  I faced the same issue of a faceless Google when mobikwik hosted accounts were disabled with no warning and took more than 1.5 months to get re-enabled.

Google needs to understand that Customer Support cannot be automated. Help Forums are not a substitute for customer service.

Update : As of 13 Jan 10 am, my payments have been credited yet I got a reply from the google adwords contact asking me to send the reference number for my payments so he can address the issue. Looks like folks inside Google are out of Sync with one another.

Wednesday, 06 January 2010

Schedule a Mobile Recharge with MobiKwik

Lets look at 3 scenarios that I could think of that describe your situation when you may need mobile recharges.

Scenario 1 -

You roughly know how much you recharge for every month. But its a drag since you still need to come online or go to a shop or do something to get the same stuff every month or week.

Scenario 2 -

You are going to travel for some time and it would be hard for you to get recharge from a shop or internet connectivity. Or maybe you wont have the time since you are busy shooting ( with a camera) wild animals or living in a tree house in central India or attending a conference while on roaming.

Scenario 3 -

Your old mother or grandmother needs Rs 100 recharge every week but even though you can use mobikwik to recharge for her ( as an Add-On number) , you sometimes forget and she sometimes has no balance to call you that she’s already low on balance.

In all these scenarios, the ideal solution would be to have recharges scheduled for future dates. And this is what Mobikwik has brought for you.

Here is how Schedule a Recharge works!

Go to Kwik Recharge tab on the header and it will show you the schedule recharge page.

1) You can schedule recharges for as primary and add-on numbers.

2) Mobikwik will send you an SMS reminder 1,2 or 3 days before recharge .

3) You can cancel scheduled recharges at any time.

4) Ofcourse, your mobikwik balance needs to be sufficient to support the recharge.

Schedule mobile recharge on