Friday, 13 January 2012

Reliance GSM Andhra Pradesh Full Talktime Packs

Reliance Communications is giving tough competition to other mobile operators and strengthening it’s promise to amuse it’s customers with excellent schemes one after the other. Reliance Communications bags the second place in India in mobile company market and has invested 100 billion rupees plus, in a short span of 15 months in the GSM Segment.

Reliance mobile operators have already started on their mission to expand the GSM services market in 2012 and have come up with schemes that can reach every nook and corner. Within Reliance GSM recharge services, the company has launched Andhra Pradesh full talk time packs and offers GSM Rs.100 Full TalkTime pack as well as GSM Rs.150 Full TalkTime pack. The Reliance GSM Rs.100 and Rs. 150 recharge gives Full TalkTime . These packs focuses  on maximizing value and making connectivity affordable by offering the low-cost advantage to its customers. What wins over such plans the loyalty of Reliance gsm users is the full price advantage that Reliance mobile prepaid services offer. Getting the full amount of top-up is which a customer looks forward to and prefers over any other free service or scheme being offered. Having some fixed amount slashed from the paid amount leaves one with only fraction more than 50% amount paid. With a Rs.100 or Rs.150 investment one would like to reap the entire cost benefits. is one stop shop for a range of mobile recharge services and schemes. It offers a very user friendly interface for services such as reliance e recharge, reliance gsm prepaid recharge, etc as well as various reliance gsm recharge plans. Apart from Reliance also targets Vodafone, Uninor and Airtel operators for rendering services.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Reliance GSM Bihar And Jharkhand Sms Pack

Reliance is the first name that comes to mind when listing down those companies that offer great service at competitive prices. From its first day of incorporation and all across its businesses one thing that is common with Reliance is cost-efficiency.

Having established it self in the mobile services market, Reliance has kept flourishing and blooming in the hearts of those that love to avail great offers at reasonable rates. The common man is more than indebted to the company for its low-cost advantage. After coming up with a vast variety of schemes like, Reliance prepaid online recharge, Reliance gsm recharge, and Reliance mobile prepaid services, the company has come up with another hit scheme. It is targeted at Bihar and Jharkhand region and offers the unique feature of facilitating local as well as national SMS @5 Paise with an sms pack of Rs.14 only. Having an SMS plan at a rate one-fourth of what others offer can surely make Reliance win the entire Bihar and Jharkhand market. is your partner and friend that guides you to the ultimate mobile services available. With you can chose from a gamut of best price recharge options and experience the advantage of having latest information about latest recharging offers in the market. Availing’s services guarantees 100% authenticity and maximum user-friendliness.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Reliance GSM Andhra Pradesh Unlimited Calling Packs

Reliance users have another reason to celebrate. After coming up with number a number of full talk time schemes at cheapest possible call rates, the company has now come up with a scheme that is completely irresistible. Reliance gsm recharge services offering unlimited calling feature have added on to brand image that the company wants to spread.

In the state of Andhra Pradesh, Reliance has come up with GSM Rs.45 Special Recharge Free Unlimited Local R-R calls between 11 pm to 6 am scheme backed up with a 30 day validity period and GSM Rs.48 Special Recharge Free Unlimited Local R-R at any time of the day, validity 7 days.

Both schemes are extremely cost-friendly within Reliance prepaid recharge services. However, the Rs. 48 Special Recharge Unlimited Local R-R at any time of the day Scheme may create cannibalization for GSM Rs.45 Special Recharge Free Unlimited Local R-R calls between 11 pm to 6 am scheme, being just Rs. 3 costlier and offering a 3 more day’s validity. is a very well known name associated with leading mobile companies and one of largest mobile recharge services provider in India. also offers interesting value adding services for reliance users. With availing the benefits of Reliance e recharge and Reliance prepaid recharge has become easier and quicker.

Thursday, 05 January 2012

Reliance GSM 3G Packs for Delhi-NCR

The Reliance GSM packs have been one of their first kinds after launching the cellular services in the Indian sub-continent. Reliance is still considered to be the best mobile network service provider all over India. The prepaid recharge offers designed by Reliance are always directed to reach the remotest corners of the country. This is the sole reason for the popularity of the Reliance prepaid recharge offers. Reliance GSM packs are now ready to launch their new Reliance 3G packs in order to meet the needs of the changing scenario of connectivity in the Indian sub-continent. Two new Reliance 3G packs are onboard and are all set to give an extra edge to its customers.

The new Reliance GSM recharge plan of Rs. 96 offers  125 MB of free data usage to all the Reliance 3G customers for 7 days. 3G has become a necessity for every individual in the country who believes in being updated for each and every second.

The next Reliance 3G pack is the Rs. 97 Special Recharge 3G Plan which will offer 100 MB of free data usage for a month or 30 days. For those who did not taste the speed of a Reliance 3G connection, this pack will be an introduction to the extremely fast 3G world.