Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Google needs help!

Google Adwords urgently needs a better payment gateway in India. They are using Times Direcpay which has taken Adwords payments from my bank account and others and not yet credited it to Adwords. I made another payment and even that is not credited. More users are reporting the same issue.

Many online merchants like mobikwik rely on google adwords to get new users everyday. But issues like above make me wish there was a reasonable alternative. ( No, Bing and Yahoo paid search are both a joke. On Yahoo, I have to dial a number to get in touch with a sale rep just to get started. Did anyone tell them its 21st century, 2nd decade? Bing is better but their ad format is funny. )

Why don’t we all send a “Get Well Soon” e-card to Google Adwords India? But wait, there is no contact ( email/phone/anything) info to get in touch with a Google support rep for anything.  I faced the same issue of a faceless Google when mobikwik hosted accounts were disabled with no warning and took more than 1.5 months to get re-enabled.

Google needs to understand that Customer Support cannot be automated. Help Forums are not a substitute for customer service.

Update : As of 13 Jan 10 am, my payments have been credited yet I got a reply from the google adwords contact asking me to send the reference number for my payments so he can address the issue. Looks like folks inside Google are out of Sync with one another.

Download Mobikwik’s Mobile Recharge API

Now, you can download Mobile Recharge API from the API tab above.

There are two documents : API.doc which gives details of the the http based API and mapping.xls which maps the operators and circles to specific ID’s.

This is the first time in India that mobile recharge API is available for free. And openly.

This API can be used in personal as well as commercial aspects. However, the terms and conditions and privacy policy of mobikwik still apply.

Use Cases:

The API can be used to develop applications for social networks like facebook and twitter or to create your own mobile recharge site or contests where you can sponsor free talk time.

Tuesday, 05 January 2010


November 2009

Monday, 23 November 2009

Who wants unlimited talk time?

Question : If you pay a fixed amount for your broad band internet access per month, should you pay a fixed amount for unlimited voice minutes per month?

Amidst all the pay per second billing and pay per character billing , no carrier has considered this play. With fierce competition, this could be a trump card to lure really valuable customers on-board.

Thoughts? How much would you pay per month for unlimited talk time ? Would you like unlimited text and picture messaging as well?