Monday, 19 December 2011

Vodafone Assam GPRS Pack

Vodafone prepaid recharge offers has another attractive recharge offer for its users in Assam. Vodafone has always believed in connecting the remotest regions in the country with the rest of the states in India and with the world also. Though it has created endless avenues for strong inter-state communication, Vodafone still believes that there is a lot to be done in order to build a strong communication network for each and every state in India. Most of the Vodafone recharge offers have been framed keeping in mind the necessary and the basic communication needs for a common man in India, irrespective of which region the subscriber belongs to.

However, Vodafone has also believed that regional development is the key to national development. Regional Vodafone prepaid recharge offers have been popularized in order to encourage the essence of regional development in India. The new Vodafone Rs.98 Special GPRS Recharge pack for the Vodafone subscribers in Assam is a glaring example in this regard. This Special Vodafone Rs.98  GPRS pack will offer 2 GB of data usage for 30 days for the Assam  subscribers. Considering internet as the basic necessity to stay updated with the technological developments all around the globe, Vodafone introduced the GPRS pack in the state.

With, recharging a mobile account has become easy. All you need to do is register yourself with the website, add on the e-wallet or Mobikwik balance and recharge your mobile prepaid account instantly. The Vodafone Rs.98 Special Recharge GPRS pack is also available as Vodafone online recharge for its users in Assam.

Vodafone GPRS Packs for Jammu and Kashmir

Vodafone brings GPRS packs for it’s Jammu and Kashmir users. Affording broadband internet becomes a little expensive for a considerable fraction of Indian net surfers. Though broadband internet is not considered to be that expensive, but affording the entire architecture of broadband becomes a little clumsy for many people. After mobile internet came into being, a new alternative to broadband was finally discovered. GPRS recharge packs are the new entrants in Vodafone recharge offers. The GPRS recharge packs are also available as Vodafone online recharge at

Vodafone has come with two new attractive mobile internet packs for its subscribers in Jammu and Kashmir. The first one is the Vodafone Rs. 13 Special Recharge which offers 200 MB of free data usage for three days. For a beautiful state like Jammu and Kashmir, the Vodafone GPRS recharge packs comes as an important element which may add to the technological quotient of the state. The next one is the Vodafone Rs.58 Special Recharge which will give the Vodafone users in the state a free data usage of 1 GB for 15 days. Vodafone has introduced both these GPRS packs in the state keeping in mind the fact that each and every state in the country needs to be technologically equipped to help India reach the goal of becoming a South Asian superpower in the next few years. has proved to be the number one platform for all kinds of online mobile recharge. With the introduction of GPRS packs in Jammu and Kashmir, Vodafone roped in J&K as another state in its kitty enjoying some of the best Vodafone prepaid recharge.

Thursday, 08 December 2011

Vodafone extra talktime pack for Kolkata users

The Vodafone Recharge for its Kolkata users comes with a sweet surprise.

Vodafone recharge offers are always designed to suit the typical needs of an Indian caller. Vodafone knows the fact quite well that people in India do not prefer compromising when it comes to pick the best suitable calling offers to suit their finance wardrobe. Each and every nook and corner of the country has been the witness to the customer-friendly Vodafone recharge offers that has been rolled by Vodafone in the past few years in its tenure in India. With Vodafone online recharge options flooding the cyberspace today, people have better options to recharge their mobile accounts right from their home. Vodafone and its recharge offers have been largely successful in permeating through every strata of the multicultural Indian society.

For the Kolkata subscribers, Vodafone has come up with a unique talktime scheme. The Kolkata Vodafone users will get a balance of Rs.75 after recharging their mobile with the Vodafone Rs. 65 extra talktime pack.

This recharge is also available as online Vodafone recharge. Among all other Vodafone recharge offers, it’s an added advantage to get your mobile accounts recharged with the Vodafone Rs. 65 extra talktime pack. It is literally meant for the debating capital of India, Kolkata. Being talkative may not be a welcome virtue for most of us, however when it comes to debates, Kolkata has always been the epicenter and so when you see a Bengali “Babumoshaai” arguing over a fish, don’t get surprised! Get your Vodafone recharge today and keep talking..

Wednesday, 07 December 2011

STD pack from Vodafone for Andhra Pradesh Users

Vodafone online recharge will be enlisted with another attractive Vodafone recharge now. This recharge pack has been specially designed for the Vodafone subscribers in Andhra Pradesh.

If you are looking for a cheap Vodafone STD Pack, Vodafone’s Rs. 33 special recharge pack should be the best option for you. STD calls are always burdened with covering a larger chunk of your recharge. However, Vodafone’s Special recharge pack comes as a big relief for the Andhra Pradesh users.

With the addition of the Vodafone Special Recharge pack of Rs. 33, Vodafone online recharge options have another addition. The Special vodafone STD  pack comes as a welcome offer amongst all other Vodafone recharge offers. With this unique recharge pack, all local and STD calls will cost Re. 1 / 3 minutes of call. The Andhra Pradesh users can’t get a better deal from the set of Vodafone recharge offers. Huge savings and longer periods of talk – this is all what the new Vodafone recharge pack offers to the Andhra Pradesh subscribers. For people who just can’t stop gossiping about their new neighbor or for people who love to be in contact with their beloved, this new special pack from Vodafone assures greater space for more talk!!