Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Idea Full Talktime Pack for Andhra Pradesh

Special Idea full talktime packs are all set to step in the prepaid recharge offers state of Andhra Pradesh. Keeping with its attractive regional recharge vouchers, the Idea prepaid recharge offers has added one more Idea full talktime pack to its kitty. Idea has undoubtedly proved that it is one of the best prepaid services in the country. The reason behind its success is lies in its ability to connect with some of the most crucial social dilemmas in India’s multicultural society.

The new Idea Rs.29 TopUp offers full talktime to its users in Andhra Pradesh. This pack is valid for three days. Full talktime packs are always treated as welcome recharge offers by the Idea customers. This talktime is specially designed emergency situations and also for people who are often engaged in small travel events. This recharge is also available as Idea online recharge in Mobikwik.com.

After the advent of online recharge or mobile recharge over the internet through Mobikwik.com, recharging prepaid mobile accounts has become easy. Now, you don’t need to visit the shops and wait for your mobile accounts to get recharged. All you need to do is create an account after visiting the Mobikwik.com, add to the e-wallet or the Mobikwik balance and start recharging your mobile account without moving an inch. If you have mobile internet in your phone, your task will be made even easier. Now you can recharge your mobile prepaid recharge account while you are on the move. Idea full talktime pack poses the potential to attract more customers in the state.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

IDEA Kolkata Full Talk Time Packs

Idea has come back with its full talktime plans for its users in Kolkata. Idea prepaid recharge has added three more attractive full talktime plans for Idea Kolkata users. Most of its prepaid recharge offers have exhaustively been designed to suit the needs of a particular region. An integrated regional approach has helped Idea reach all its substantial customers at a larger frequency.

The three talktime offers vouched by Idea for its Kolkata are the Rs. 65 Idea Kolkata full talk time pack, Rs. 111 Idea Kolkata full talk time pack and Rs. 222 Idea Kolkata full talk time pack. These recharge packs are also available as online Idea recharge. Mobikwik.com has been the pioneer in providing all kinds of online recharge vouchers, including the Idea online recharge for all its users. Full talktime offers have always been in great demand for the usual reason of tax subtraction from a normal recharge voucher. Full talktime offers from Idea have already gained much popularity among its customers in other parts of the country. Adding to the benefitting factor of invincible network coverage and brilliant GPRS service, Idea has always been recognized as one of the most reliable and the most sustainable network service provider in India.

Mobikwik.com has proved itself to be the best platform for online mobile recharge. All you need to do is visit the website, create your own account and an e-wallet or an online monetary account in the website, select your recharge and just click to recharge.

July 2011

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Idea Full Talk Time Recharge Offers in Mumbai

Mumbai customers are provided great benefit by Idea with the various low priced full talktime offers. The company helps you to get full talktime core balance easily with the help of packs which are costing nothing and offering complete core balance to you. No service tax is charged on these offers by the company and the validity of such offers is for life time. This means these offers provide customers more than they wish to have.

FULL TT RECHARGE OF RS 222:  The offer helps you to get complete core balance of Rs 222 with life time validity and this talktime can be used by you easily as per your convenience.

TOP UP OF IDEA MUMBAI FOR RS 333: This offer provides you the talktime balance of Rs 333 and additional balance of onet calls for 15 days between 11 pm to 6 am in the morning.

RECHARGE IDEA MUMBAI WITH RS 444 : Recharge of Rs 444 provides you complete core balance of Rs 444 and also gives talk time balance for idea to idea calls for complete 15 days from 11 pm to 6 am.

FULL TALKTIME WITH RS 555 TOPUP: The full talktime core balance is availed with Rs 555 offer which also provides the balance for idea to idea calls for 15 days.

IDEA MUMBAI FULL TALKTIME OF RS 666: The talktime and the balance of idea to idea calls is provided with this recharge. The calls can be made from 11 pm to 6 am.

IDEA FULL TALKTIME RECHARGE OF RS 777: This offer gives core balance with no validity and idea to idea balance for 15 days.

These are definitely some of the best offers by company which has helped company to grow.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Idea Full Talk time offers in Assam

Idea presents wonderful offers in Assam region to increase its customer base over there. These packs are offering the full talktime recharge offers and other affordable topup offers which let company and customers both get satisfied and earn some value. The offers are fabulous and let you avail benefits of talktime with no costs. The various plans are giving you the benefits just at no cost.

The different full talktime offers by idea in Assam state are as follows:

The talktime offer of Rs 18: With Rs 18 you get full talktime benefit and the main balance can be used with ease as it comes with a validity of 30 days.

Rs 65 talktime and core balance: The balance of Rs 65 will be available with the recharge and a validity of 30 days with complete core balance.

The full talktime of Rs 111: The top up of Rs 111 will help you to get the balance of complete Rs 111 and the validity of 30 days is obtained with the plan.

Top up of Rs 222: You get Rs 222 balance as the complete core balance with the top up of Rs 222 and this is valid for complete 30 days. This balance can be used as full talktime and core balance.

These complete talktime offers with as low balance as Rs 18 and Rs 222 will help every strata of consumers to get balance according to their needs and these plans suits everyone. Idea offers such awesome plans for the benefit of people using Idea in Assam.