Reliance SMS packs in India

Reliance ( both GSM and CDMA ) has attractive SMS packs available for its subscribers across India. Reliance SMS packs allow users to send high number of text messages per day without causing a hole in their pockets. These STV’s (or Special Tariff Vouchers) are very useful in keeping touch with friends and family. The prices of these SMS rate cutters ranges from Rs 11 to Rs 25. The prices of these packs and the benefits associated with them are listed below.

As usual, all you need is an account with If you don’t have one, create an online recharge account now! Once you have an account, login and recharge for any of these denominations below.

Reliance Rs.11 Special Recharge 11.0 At 1p/SMS Talktime




Reliance Rs.14 Special Recharge 14.0 500 SMS/day with Daily Rental of Re 1 0.0 1.0
Reliance Rs.25 Special Recharge 25.0 500 SMS/day 0.0 30.0

- Rs 11 SMS Pack is an SMS rate cutter which reduces the cost of outbound SMS to 1 paisa till 30 days.

- Rs 14 SMS Pack allows sending of upto 500 SMS per day at no charge except a daily rental of Re 1. This pack is valid till your account balance runs out.

- Rs 25 SMS Pack allows sending of 500 SMS per day for 30 days.