New Pan India GPRS packs from Reliance GSM (RCOMS)

Reliance Communications (RCOM) is all set to provide a fresh flavor to its 2G GSM Data Services. India’s biggest dual technology telecom operator has come up with two new Pan India GPRS packs to break in a fresh breath of air for all its prepaid 2G subscribers all over the Indian sub-continent, across all the Reliance telecom circles. The GPRS packs starting from Rs. 178 with a free data usage of 20 GB, promise to be one of the most sought after GPRS packages in the forthcoming days. All the Pan India GPRS packs are flexible enough to suit the dynamic 2G GSM Data requirements.

Reliance Communications (RCOM) has introduced two new Pan India GPRS packs – one comes for Rs. 178 and the other for Rs. 248. The 2G Pan India Reliance GSM GPRS pack for Rs. 178 provides unlimited data usage upto 20 GB .. This pack is valid for 30 days. An E-recharge for this pack is easily available. For people who are not satisfied with a month of fast internet surfing, the Rs. 248 2G Pan India Reliance GSM GPRS pack is the apt GPRS pack they were looking for as this pack is valid for 90 days or if out in other words – you don’t have to worry for a recharge for the next three months!

There are times when people start cribbing about the unnecessary deductions that their GPRS accounts are often subjected. Reliance Communications with its new GPRS packs look to have the potential of changing all the pre-conceived notions about the internet usage through the GPRS packs.