Wednesday, 12 November 2014

How can you avail MobiKwik’s Cashback Offers?

Upon completing your transaction on any of our partner websites where we offer a Cashback, you will receive a short url via text message on your phone and email to confirm the Cashback to be credited to your wallet. You will have to go through the short url in the text message or email in browser and click on “Claim Cashback” in order to receive the Cashback in your wallet.

 Text Message

MobiKwik Cashback Text


Cashback claim MobiKwik

Visit the short url received in email and SMS. You will get a confirmation screen. On confirmation screen, click on “Claim Cashback” button to confirm.

Confirmation Screen:

cashback claim

And you successfully claim your MobiKwik Cashback, just like that:

Success Screen: 

cashback claim success mobikwik 2

P.S. If you try claiming your Cashback for more than once, you’ll be shown this:

cashback already claimed mobikwik

For all current MobiKwik offers, visit

Monday, 10 November 2014

3 Ways to Recharge Your Phone with MobiKwik Wallet Instantly:

 This post blog will tell you how easy it is and how exactly you can get your mobile balance recharged with MobiKwik in an instant:

1.) Website Recharge: Just go to your MobiKwik Dashboard at, click ‘RECHARGE’ in front of the desired number to be recharged in Saved Connections, and fill in the desired amount and click Recharge. And there you go! Your phone is recharged in the blink of an eye.

Web Recharge

2.)    Mobile App Recharge: Open your MobiKwik Wallet App on your Android/iOS/Microsoft phone, click on prepaid, fill in your number and recharge amount. Click on recharge and it’s done! Less than 5 seconds is all it takes.

What else? You get MobiKwik App on iOS, Android and Windows phones.

MobiKwik App Screenshots

3.)    Text Recharge: Simply type a text message including “RC <amount> <number>” from your registered mobile number and send it across to 9211060000. Now that’s how you recharge on-the-go!

MobiKwik Text Recharge

And your recharge is done!

MobiKwik Text Recharge

P.S. Ensure you have sufficient funds in your Mobikwik Wallet before going for the Text message recharge.

July 2014

Thursday, 03 July 2014

Exclusive Offer for Windows Phone Users

We recently launched an offer for Windows Phone users. In case you are using one, you can now get Rs. 60 cashback on adding a minimum of Rs. 100 to your MobiKwik wallet. All you have to do is download MobiKwik app from the Windows store, add Rs 100 to your wallet, and then apply the Promo Code: MOBIWP to get an instant cashback of Rs. 60!

Click here to download the MobiKwik Windows app NOW:

MobiKwik Windows Phone Offer

Please note the Promo Code will work only once. If you have already redeemed the offer, MOBIWP may not work for you again.

June 2014

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

MobiKwik Coupon (Promo) Codes

We thought of creating and sharing an exhaustive list of MobiKwik coupon (promo) codes via our blog. You can bookmark this page so that you do not have to take the trouble of remembering the code or go searching for it again. Do note, these are all limited period offers and may expire soon. So make use of the promo codes NOW!

1) Coupon Code: MOBIKWIK5050 (This coupon has expired)

What you get: Rs. 50 cashback on adding a minimum of Rs. 50 to your MobiKwik wallet

Terms and Conditions: This promo code works only on MobiKwik iOS, Android, and Windows mobile app. This offer can be redeemed only once. If you are yet to download our mobile app, this is where you need to head to: MobiKwik On The Go. Add Rs 50 to your MobiKwik wallet first before applying coupon code.

2) Coupon Code: MOBIOOM

What you get: Rs. 10 cashback on adding a minimum of Rs. 100 to your MobiKwik wallet.

Terms and Conditions: The offer is valid across all platforms, including on website and can be redeemed only once. Add Rs 100 to your MobiKwik wallet first before applying coupon code.

3) Coupon Code: MOBIKWIK01

What you get: 10% discount on all purchases made on when you pay using MobiKwik wallet at the time of checkout.

Terms and Conditions: The maximum discount amount is Rs. 1000.

We will be adding more promo codes on this page. Keep a track on this page so that you do not miss out on any of our exciting offers!

Bonus: MobiKwik BookMyShow offer!


Update (03/07/2014)

4) Coupon Code: MOBIWP

What you get: Rs. 60 on adding a minimum of Rs. 100 to your wallet.

Terms and Conditions: Promo code: MOBIWP works only on MobiKwik Windows Mobile app and can be redeemed only once. Before entering the promo code, you need to first add Rs. 100 to your wallet.

5) Coupon Code: ENTERMOBI

What you get: Redeem Promo code ENTERMOBI after adding a min. of Rs 50 to your MobiKwik wallet and get Rs 50 cashback instantly. 

Terms & Conditions: Valid only on MobiKwik Android/iOS/Windows App, Visa/MasterCard only. (One redemption allowed per user). Before entering the promo code, you need to first add Rs. 50 to your wallet.