Heartiest Diwali Wishes from the MobiKwik Family:

We wish you a very prosperous and happy Diwali. May your coming year be filled with more of ‘Kwik’ and safe payments with MobiKwik – The easiest way to pay this festive season. The past year has been a great learning experience for us and we strive to provide you with one of the best payment services in the country which is also safe, fast and easy. Our user base has been growing and soon will touch the 10 million mark.

Again, we wish everyone a glorious Diwali and a prosperous New Year ahead!

MobiKwik Diwali

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Launch of the MobiKwik Online Mela

MobiKwik Online Mela (M.O.M.) was launched on the 20th October, 2014 carrying exciting discounts and cashbacks for over 40 websites and will run till 26th October, 2014.

It is the first of its kind from MobiKwik which offers exclusive discounts and deals to its user base and will run throughout the whole Diwali week. Offers for websites like Snapdeal, eBay, Shopclues, Domino’s, MakeMyTrip, BookMyShow and many more are now live at MobiKwik Online Mela.

A user can enjoy offers and cashbacks across the categories of Shopping, Food, Travel, Fashion, Entertainment and Gifts. Don’t forget to make your payments with MobiKwik Wallet – The easiest way to pay this Diwali.

Some eye-catching offers at MobiKwik Online Mela:


-        10% off at Shopclues + 20% Cashback,

-          15% off at eBay + 10% Cashback.

For more Shopping offers, visit MobiKwik Online Mela.


-          50% off at TastyKhana + 25% Cashback

-          20% off at Domino’s + 25% Cashback

For more Food Offers, visit MobiKwik Online Mela.



-          20% cashback at MakeMyTrip

-          Rs. 50 Off at SpiceSafar + 10% Cashback

For more Travel Offers, visit MobiKwik Online Mela.



-          10% off at FashionAndYou + 10% Cashback

-          20% Cashback at Nykaa

For more Fashion Offers, visit MobiKwik Online Mela


-          10% off at BookMyShow Mobile App + 25% Cashback

-          15% Cashback at Zoomin

For more Entertainment Offers, visit MobiKwik Online Mela.

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How To Shop With MobiKwik

We really bank on superfast transactions at MobiKwik. Our 1-Click Experience is one of a kind and comes as a relief from other payment methods wherein you need to go through multiple steps to finally make a purchase. Also, you need to place your valuable card details at different websites and that involves a lot of risk. However, when you use your MobiKwik wallet, you can expect to complete your transaction in no time.  Check the below screenshots (read: steps) on how you can do it when you order for a pizza from Domino’s:

1.)  Visit Domino’s India website and click on Order Online.

MobiKwik 1 Click Experience - 2

2.) Put in your address details and head on to the menu for selecting your order:

MobiKwik 1 Click Experience - 3

3.) Confirm the order for your favourite pizza and proceed to sides:

MobiKwik 1 Click Experience - 4

4.) Select your favourite side, we recommend having the Choco Lava Cake and a Coke Mobile to accompany your Pizza. Confirm the order.

MobiKwik 1 Click Experience - 5

5.)  When you reach the payment page, select your payment method as MobiKwik Wallet under Cash Card/Wallets section:

MobiKwik 1 Click Experience - 7

6.) Just enter your MobiKwik Wallet details…

MobiKwik 1 Click Experience - 8


7.) Confirm payment:

MobiKwik 1 Click Experience - 9

8.) And your order is placed: 

MobiKwik 1 Click Experience - 10

9.)  Your portion of happiness (read: Pizza) should get delivered in 30 minutes:

MobiKwik 1 Click Experience - 13

Yes, we did ask him to smile for the camera, but…

10.) Bonus: Here’s some extra topping for your pizza -

MobiKwik 1 Click Experience - 12

Get 15% Cashback when you order with MobiKwik on Domino’s.

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