Wednesday, 26 November 2014

5 Online Destinations To Shop From This Wedding Season

The wedding season has arrived and so would have been the list of confusions on what to do to look the best, what to gift, etc. during this time of the year. Don’t worry, we are here bearing solutions to your woes:

 1.) Nykaa

Nykaa is your one stop shop for all beauty and wellness needs. It offers a comprehensive variety of makeup, skincare, hair care, fragrances, bath and body and luxury products for both women and men. Don’t forget to try their “Virtual Makeover Tool” to make your purchase decisions more personal and apt.

MobiKwik Nykaa

2.) IndianRoots

 IndianRoots is your destination to get handpicked Indian Ethnic Wear from India’s best designers and craftsmen. From high-end designer wear to exquisite accessories to accompany your outfit, IndianRoots has it all to make it your favourite wedding season shopping destination.

IndianRoots MobiKwik

3.) BoonToon

Browse through the endless collection of handicraft gifts that can be shopped online for the recently married couple from BoonToon. From Handicraft items to Return Gift ideas, BoonToon has it all. Give it a try and pay with MobiKwik wallet.

MobiKwik BoonToon

4.) Purplle

Add some color (all kinds, not just purple) to this wedding season with Purplle. Find a range of products for your personal grooming & beauty care this wedding season and get to pay with MobiKwik wallet.

MobiKwik Purplle

5.) Zohraa

As Zohraa suggests that it is, “the Royal Wardrobe for the Modern Indian Woman!” – It truely is. It’s one of India’s leading online fashion retailer and serves the best outfits paying homage to the royal traditions of this traditionally rich country.

zohraa MobiKwik

Thursday, 20 November 2014

5 Adventurous Getaways You Can Get With MobiKwik Wallet

1.) Segway Tour Rajpath (Delhi/NCR):

Cruise through fascinating sections of Delhi on your Segway, which will also get attention from passers by. The whole tour lasts for about 60 minutes which will have a training session in the start followed by your Segway tour of Rajpath. Book your Segway Tour of Rajpath, here

MobiKwik Segway BMS

2.) Adlabs Imagica (Mumbai/Pune):

Adlabs Imagica is India’s first International standard Theme Park that was started recently and is spread across 300 acres near Khopoli on Mumbai-Pune highway. The theme park accommodates 26 attractions and five themed restaurants, roller coaster, a hotel and water park. It makes a perfect adventurous getaway destination for the weekends. Book your tickets here:

MobiKwik Adlabs Imagica BMS

3.) Learn Rock Climbing (Bengaluru):

Learn the skill of Rock Climbing at the beautiful Turahalli Rocks from skilled Rock Climbers. You get to learn the basics of Rock Climbing, climbing 3 Rock faces and Rappelling. So pack up your outdoor gear and get going! Book your rock climbing session here:

Rock Climbing BMS MobiKwik

4.) Air Safari (Delhi/NCR):

Now, this is a joyride. In the air! Enjoy the beauty of nature from up in the air with this one of a kind adventurous getaway. From a few inches to thousands of feet above the ground, you can have the time of your life with the ‘paramotors’ available for your disposal. Are you a sport enough? Book your own flight here:

MobiKwik Air Safari BMS

5.) Laser Tag (Bengaluru):

If you were a keen watcher of “How I Met Your Mother”, you probably would remember Barney & Robin having a game or two of Laser Tag. Laser Tag is a fun game where players attempt to tag another player with his handheld device which emits laser. Yes, you can enjoy having a game of Laser Tag in India now. Book a game here:

Laser Tag MobiKwik BMS

P.S. Don’t forget to pay for your tickets/passes via MobiKwik wallet.

Friday, 14 November 2014

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy With MobiKwik Wallet:

  1. Think Digit Subscription ( Everything you may want to know or should know about Technology has been provided to you by Digit for the last 12 years. Now you get to pay for your Digit Subscription with MobiKwik wallet. Enjoy! MobiKwik Digit Subscription
  2. Tirunelveli Halwa ( Sweetkadai’s  Tirunelveli Halwa is a worthy option for people all over India to taste the authentic rich sweetness available at their door step, straight from Tirunelveli. Tirunelveli Halwa also has rich history attached for it’s existence. Do give it a read.   What’s more sweet? You can pay with MobiKwik Wallet. MobiKwik Sweet Kadai
  3. Variety of Teas ( They say “You’re not a True Indian, if you are not a tea lover”. For all you tea fanatics in the house, here is a delight for you. You can order a variety of teas and pay with MobiKwik Wallet. Now who is going, “Chai Chai”? MobiKwik Chai Chai
  4. Stationery Items ( So we know that you get to choose a lot to buy from the internet these days, but it was a surprise even for us to have a stationery website in our list. Yes, you can now purchase stationery items and pay for it with your MobiKwik wallet while sitting on your couch. MobiKwik StationeryBazaar
  5. Pickles (  Though you get variety of Indian products at FabIndia, but their pickles are one of the best products you can find. What’s more easy, you can buy them online and pay with MobiKwik wallet. Now that’s a good way to spice up your life. MobiKwik FabIndia Pickle
  6. Comics ( We all have read and once were fond of ” Dhruv, Naagraj, Doga, Parmanu” and many more. We are sure that the child in you still wants to read one of these on one of your free days. So, don’t make the child wait anymore. Order a copy with MobiKwik wallet. MobiKwik Raj Comics
  7. Riding Gear & Accessories ( This is exclusively for all the riders. Planet DSG is one of the websites where you can buy premium riding gear and accessories for all your riding needs. Also, you get to make easy and quick payments with MobiKwik. Vroom Vroom! MobiKwik Planet DSG
  8. A Wedding Cake ( Stop drooling already! Yes, you can order a whole 7 KG wedding cake for yourself when celebrating one of the most important occasions of your life with your loved ones. Aaaaaaand, you get to pay with MobiKwik wallet. Talk about icing on the cake. ;)  MobiKwik Monginis Wedding Cake
  9. Sennheiser Earphones/Headphones (  For all you music lovers, Sennheiser is known for it’s superior quality sound and is German Engineered. Also, all the earphones/headphones purchased from the offical Sennheiser India website come with 2 year warranty. Need we say more?MobiKwik Sennheiser
  10. Extreme Weather Outdoor Gear & Outerwear ( All the adventurous people need to check this out! Woodland is a synonym for toughness and quality when it comes to extreme Weather Outdoor Gear & Wear. And with MobiKwik, you get the “Kwik”est payment option to pay for your toughest gear. MobiKwik Woodland

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

How can you avail MobiKwik’s Cashback Offers?

Upon completing your transaction on any of our partner websites where we offer a Cashback, you will receive a short url via text message on your phone and email to confirm the Cashback to be credited to your wallet. You will have to go through the short url in the text message or email in browser and click on “Claim Cashback” in order to receive the Cashback in your wallet.

 Text Message

MobiKwik Cashback Text


Cashback claim MobiKwik

Visit the short url received in email and SMS. You will get a confirmation screen. On confirmation screen, click on “Claim Cashback” button to confirm.

Confirmation Screen:

cashback claim

And you successfully claim your MobiKwik Cashback, just like that:

Success Screen: 

cashback claim success mobikwik 2

P.S. If you try claiming your Cashback for more than once, you’ll be shown this:

cashback already claimed mobikwik

For all current MobiKwik offers, visit