With Mobikwik, Be the Good Boy

Be a good boy

Now that you are a grown up boy, you should help you Dad in his daily works and share his burden. Atleast you can take the responsibility of paying all the monthly bills and helping him. What?? Did you just say that it is tiring? What if, we tell you that there’s a way with which you don’t need to stand in queues and your bills will be paid in no time. It is not a dream! If you like to stand in queues, sweat in the scorching heat and are a bad boy, you can stop reading it right here.

Mobikwik presents to you the power of paying bills online. Pay your bills online sitting in your room watching your favourite TV series. Did you just ask us how will it all happen? Ha! All you need to do is to go to mobikwik.com and that’s it! Mobikwik provides you this service with which you can pay your landline, electricity, insurance & gas bills online. So, no need to even get out of your room and standing in the queues is hah..a joke of the past.

 Presently, Mobikwik provides landline bill submission with Airtel, BSNL, Reliance communications and Tata Teleservices(CDMA). In electricity bill payments, we have BSES Rajdhani, BSES Yamuna, MSEB Mumbai, North Delhi Power ltd., Reliance energy(Mumbai). In insurance bill payments we have Birla Sun Life Insurance, ICICI prudential Life Insurance, IndiaFirst Life Insurance, Tata AIG Life insurance. And, in gas bill payments we have Mahanagar Gas Ltd.  Mobikwik is more than happy to help you and make your life easy..easier…easiest. So, the next time your Dad is going to pay any of the bills, stop him and volunteer for the bill payments. You never know what they might gift you for this gesture!


Happy Recharging!


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Cashback to Mobikwik Android App Users


Act Smart with your Smartphone. Now, we give you more reasons to use the Mobikwik Android Application. More reasons, More incentives and More convenience! Don’t we all enjoy something extra always? Mobikwik knows how to keep it’s sers happy and hence something special.

Mobikwik offers Rs. 50 Cashback to Mobikwik Android App Users (Valid only for New Users)

Redemption Process:

1) Download the Android App and Sign-up
2) Add Money to your MobiKwik Wallet
3) Visit “My Account” > “Redeem Promo code” & enter “DOMOBI50″ to avail cashback
4) Proceed with your Recharges, Bill Payments & Wallet Offers on MobiKwik.

Terms & Conditions:
1- Cashback Amount is fixed at Rs. 50/-

2- Minimum Transaction Amount Should be Rs. 100

3- Coupon Code Valid only from April 11, 2014 to April 15, 2014

4- Offer can be redeemed only once and is applicable for the credit transaction done during the offer period on your MobiKwik Wallet, done prior to entering promo code.

Happy Weekend!

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I’m the KING of the world’s largest democratic country


No sir, this is not an oxymoronic statement.  Imagine, YOU are the KING OF INDIA! Everything whatever happens in this country happens on your will, mood or liking. You are literally the mai-baap of the nation.  Have you imagined what will be your powers? How will you run this country? You are the one and the only dear king of this gigantic nation of more than a billion people living in it, you can’t go and reach every single person personally and solve their problems. So, what will you do?

Now, you happen to be a very intelligent and smart king who is exceptionally good in managerial capabilities and you desperately want the history to remember you for your brilliant decisions that strengthened the nation for the future generations to cherish. So, you choose members of parliament so that they may take care of all the headache of improving country in every possible profile, make laws, managing defense, impose and collect taxes et cetera so you can sit in your comfortable majestic couch eating grapes. Also, as it is a huge nation with many cultural and linguistic varieties. So, you choose members of legislative assembly so that each of the state may get their own localized laws. Basically, you choose all the major chair-holders of the country whom YOU find eligible and trustworthy enough to run the whole system efficiently. You are such a powerful king but you don’t keep the ego of a king. Just like Akbar, you roam in the markets as a commoner without a huge convoy of guards. Such an austere and philanthropic king are you sir!

Now, let me bring back you to the real you, a random common Indian national. The stuff you read in the above two paragraphs which has bloated your chest as you have been fantasized of having such huge powers and the honour of being the KING OF INDIA..what if I say you are authorized of those powers? YES YOU! You are the voter, you choose every prominent person of this nation and give him a seat and set duties to run the system of the nation efficiently. India is a democratic nation and YOU are the KING OF INDIA.

Mobikwik pleads you, our king, to vote & practice your powers wisely and choose some awesome people to run this great nation called India and give it the right status, dignity and progress this incredible nation deserves. Some malicious people will try to fool and buy your invaluable vote by quoting a petty price or luring for some materialistic thing, but do remember one thing YOU ARE THE KING OF INDIA and kings are not for sale.




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Mobikwik: Recharge anywhere, just anywhere!

“To get rid of all the deadlines and tensions, you go on a holiday to relax and have some good time. You call your Mom to ask that special recipe to impress that cute chick from the other group but (*enters villain*) suddenly your phone runs out of balance. You go to a vendor nearby but *VOILA!* your network service provider doesn’t provide services in this state.”

Mobikwik Recharge

Such a helpless, messy and sad situation this can be. Personally, we don’t like frowns at all! So, we have sorted a way out for you that can make your life merrier and relaxing, like it is always supposed to be. Recharge your phone over an SMS/Phone call/Internet/App with mobikwik.com in a snap and you can immediately revert back to your work on phone. Seems futuristic, but it is the present!

Mobikwik gives you the power to recharge your phone over a wide range of network service providers. The process of recharging your phone over mobikwik.com is uber-easy and apart from that, Mobikwik also suggests you the perfect recharge options so that you may easily choose the best plans as per your requirement. The recharges are instant & secure and you get a conformation SMS at your phone in no time. So, now you don’t have to wander for a vendor or request your friend back home to get your phone recharged when you can recharge your phone from where you are at the moment.

Mobikwik does more than 1,50,000 transactions daily & a majority of them are via the mobile. Plenty of people are already using this awesome service, join them and rock your life with mobikwik.com.  So recharge, get the recipe from your Mom, cook good food and impress the cute chick from the other group!

Happy Recharging!

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